Which Lull Mattress Size Is Right For You? We Review, You Decide

Buying a new mattress can be pretty overwhelming; after all, it’s not something you do every day. For instance, you must check many factors, including brand reputation, mattress specifications, price, trial period, shipping and return policies, warranty and certification, and buyers’ experience.

Online mattress shopping often begins with evaluating the brand. Being the mattress experts, we have shortlisted the best mattress brands currently available in North America. Our research focused on affordability, mattress features, and user reviews. After rummaging through the different brands, we found Lull Mattresses was worthy of an in-depth review.

This article will briefly introduce the Lull mattress brand, a buying guide, types and sizes of Lull mattresses, and the best mattress in each size category. We have also included some FAQs related to Lull mattresses to help you make the best purchase decision.

Briefly About the Lull Mattress Brand

Lull mattress takes pride in its reason for creation. The sole reason behind its design was to help people sleep better so that they could live better lives. As a result, Lull offers its customers a premium sleeping solution at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mattress. In addition, it provides a world-class customer experience that is hassle-free.  

The dictionary meaning of the word lull is quiet and calm. The brand’s name suggests that it will lull a person to sleep and user reviews and feedback indicate that this is what the mattress does. Lull’s CEO, Sven Klein, got the idea of starting a mattress business when he went mattress shopping with his wife. His experience with earlier mattress shopping trips was not very good, and he wanted to help others avoid the pitfalls at all costs. You know what they say – “happy wife, happy life.”

Klein’s shopping spree with his wife was miserable. He found the stores bland and unfriendly, with salespeople pushing them to buy every mattress he and his wife tried. The discounts and prices were different at every store, so it was impossible to compare the mattresses. Moreover, each mattress had very different features.

In the end, he didn’t buy a mattress on that trip but went back home with an idea to start a new brand that would make a difference for other confused and disheartened buyers like him. The company that would not only build better mattresses but would revolutionize the entire mattress buying experience. His wife thought he was crazy, but in that “aha moment,” Lull was born.

The company, Lull Ventures, LLC, was started in April 2015, and its first mattress was launched in November of the same year. Lull joined a line of mattress startups with limited products, low prices, and business to consumer direct selling model.

Lull’s product line at the moment includes Original Lull Mattress, Luxe Hybrid Mattress, pillows (original, memory foam, down), bedding (mattress protector, sheets, original Lull duvet, down duvet), and bed frames (wood, metal, mattress foundation).

Lull Mattress Brand

Mattress Buying Guide

A good mattress can last for 5-8 years. During this time, it will be an essential part of your daily routine. Therefore you should take your time when purchasing a mattress for yourself or your children. Our buying guide focuses on the many factors that can either make your purchase great or a waste of money.  

How to Choose the Right Mattress for you

Consider the following factors before you hit the checkout button.

Type of Mattress

Lull offers two significant variants. Though it is commonly known for its original foam mattress, it also has some excellent hybrid mattresses. We have explained the difference between both mattresses in the next section. 

Sleeping Positions

The three common sleep positions found in us humans are sided sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

  • Side sleepers need a memory foam comfort layer and a conventional foam transition layer to adjust to the body’s curves. This allows the hips and shoulders to sink in enough to relieve pressure points and align the spine. In addition, a side sleeper must check the maximum weight-bearing capacity of the mattress before buying it. If you sleep on a mattress not designed to support your body’s weight, you may not maintain an ideal spine position, leading to severe back pains.
  • Back sleepers will find Lull’s medium-firm feel ideal for a good night’s sleep, especially those weighing below 130 pounds. The thin comfort layer stops people in this weight group from sinking into the mattress. Back sleepers above 130 pounds may find the mattress sags slightly, but this is so minimal it should not stop you from buying it. In addition, the comfort and support Lull offers are matchless compared to other foam mattresses.
  • Lull is not an ideal mattress for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need plush mattresses with soft firmness. Lull’s firmness level is medium-firm.   

Size and Dimensions

After choosing the mattress according to your sleeping position, you need to check the mattress’s size and dimension will fit your bed frame. If you buy a new bed frame, the process will be more straightforward as you won’t have to measure your bed frame. Instead, you can check the dimensions from the bed frame’s user manual and order a mattress accordingly.


Firmness measures the comfort level of the mattress and how hard or soft it feels. Most manufacturers mention firmness on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 hardest. For example, lull mattresses have a firmness rating of 7 that is not too hard and not too soft.

Cooling and Pressure Relief

Make sure that your mattress has pressure relief and cooling features. Luckily for you, Lull offers impressive pressure relief and cooling technology in both variants.


Lull’s original memory foam mattress has 3 layers, and hybrid mattresses have 6 layers. Note the price of the mattress is directly related to the number of layers in it. 

Warranty and Certification

All Lull mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified foams. The warranty and trial period varies from one mattress to another, so don’t forget to check it out.  

How to Take Measurements for Mattress and Bed Frame

Mattress shopping must begin with bed measurements. The best way to check bed and mattress measurement is to refer to the user manual or product guide. However, if you don’t have them with you, you can follow the steps mentioned below to measure your bed and mattress.

  • Remove all the bedding and grab your retractable measuring tape. You may need an additional pair of hands if your tape doesn’t have a locking mechanism.
  • Keep a pen and paper with you to note down the measurements.
  • Measure the width of the bed or your mattress by placing one end of the tape on the left side of the bed and pulling the tape out until it reaches the right side of the bed. Note down the reading on the tape. It is the width of your bed.
  • Now measure the length of the bed by hooking one end of the bed on the head side of the mattress and pulling the tape towards the end of the bed. Note down the reading under the length heading.
  • You can compare the measurements with the established bed and mattress sizes and decide which size bed or mattress you have or want to buy.

Mattress Shopping Tips

  • Check out warranty, free trial period, shipping, and return policies.
  • Look out for discount coupons and sales.
  • Go through user reviews and check out the brand’s reputation before making the final purchase.
  • Check delivery info and its terms and conditions, such as charges (if any) and shipping time. 

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Sizes and Types of Lull Mattresses

Lull mattresses come in two types and different sizes. The two types are original and hybrid mattresses, and sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. As the mattress size increases, the price also increases.

Types of Lull Mattresses:

  • Original Lull Mattress. The original Lull memory foam mattress features 3 layers and comes with a 10-inch height. It has a breathable cover followed by a cooling comfort gel-infused layer, a high-resilience transition layer for optimal spine alignment, and a durable foam base layer for a strong foundation that prevents sagging. The mattress offers a medium-firm feel.    
  • Luxe Hybrid Mattress. Lull’s hybrid mattress comes with 6 layers and has a 13-inch foam depth. The combination of memory foam and springs make this worthy of your investment. In addition, the hybrid variant features a plush memory foam quilted cover for added comfort. The first two layers are the same in both mattresses. The fourth layer in the mattress is made from precision-crafted individual pocket coils to distribute weight and motion, followed by a reinforced perimeter for superior edge support. The last layer is a stretch-knit cover with durable handles for easy transport.

Sizes Of Lull Mattresses:

All Lull Original mattresses have a 10-inch thickness, and Hybrid mattresses are 13 inches thick.

Now, let’s check out the best mattress for each size!


A twin-size mattress is the best fit for children and teens. It is ideal for accommodating children during their growing years. However, it is not a good fit for a healthy adult because the Twin is the smallest of all the standard sizes available in the market.

Lull’s twin-size mattress is best for budget buyers. It offers all the features you would need in a mattress for your kids and teens. Moreover, it is also best for guest rooms and sleepovers.

The mattress features gel-infused 1.5-inch memory foam that gives the perfect combination of comfort and therapeutic support. Your kids need a mattress that stays cool and relieves pressure from their bodies. The open-cell foam and breathable cover keep sweat away, and your kids wake up fresh and relaxed after a peaceful sleep.




Twin XL is bigger than Twin. It is best for taller teenagers, single adults, or anyone with limited space but needs a big mattress in a single size. The twin XL is 5 inches longer than the Twin and is best for college-size dorm rooms and bedrooms. These mattresses don’t require much storage space and are ideal for accommodating extra guests as they are cheaper than a queen or a full-size mattress.  

The twin XL features a 3-layer design that is identical to the twin mattress reviewed above. It is a lightweight mattress that is best for single adults who can’t manage heavyweight mattresses.

The 10-inch mattress has a 7-inch base with 3 inches of foam for comfort, support, and pain-relieving. In addition, this mattress comes with a breathable cover to keep you relaxed and sweat-free on a hot and humid night. Overall, this is an excellent mattress for single adults, and you won’t regret your investment.




With dimensions of 54 x 75, a full-size mattress is best for young adults, couples, and guest rooms. The minimum room size for the entire bed to fit comfortably is 10 x 10 feet. A full mattress is not recommended for couples who like to share the bed with pets or children. 

Lull’s full mattress beats other brands in terms of price and comfort. Its mattress is best for budget buyers and young adults. Like all the mattresses reviewed above, the mattress features a 10-inch depth with 7-inch base foam, 1.5-inch therapeutic support for optimal spine alignment, and a gel-infused memory foam layer to give maximum comfort and cooling.

The mattress also helps distribute motion which prevents sleep disturbance when shifting in your sleep.




The queen-size mattress is best for couples or adults who like to sprawl while sleeping. The 60 by 80-inch size is great for master bedrooms that are at least 10 x 10 feet. The Queen mattress is a popular size on the market due to the budget-friendly bedding available. 

Lull hybrid mattress is the best one in queen size. The mattress features a 6-layer design starting from a memory foam quilt cover, gel-infused cooling memory foam, transition layer for added support, pocket coils, perimeter for edge support, and a stretch-knit cover with handles for maximum durability.

The best thing about Lull’s hybrid queen mattress is that it is way cheaper than other brands offering mattresses with the same specifications. The mattress brings luxury comfort, ergonomic support, and excellent sleep for budget buyers. 




At 76 x 80 inches, a king mattress is best for couples who enjoy their space or share a bed with children and pets. If you plan to go king size, make sure your bedroom measures 12 x 12 feet. Placing a king-size bed in smaller rooms will make things cramped. King beds are large enough and provide enough space for both sleepers to sprawl out.

Lull offers king-size mattresses in hybrid and original memory foam variants. The structure of this mattress is the same as discussed above for the original memory foam mattress. Lull’s mattress is cheaper than other brands offering king-size mattresses.  




Some people want a luxurious space with their kids and pets. They want everyone to sprawl on the bed and have ample space for shifting while sleeping. For all these space-loving peeps, a California king-size mattress is the best. A Cal king mattress is recommended in a room of 12 x 12 feet. It is also suitable for tall people as it is longer than king size mattress.

Lull’s California king-size mattress comes with 6 layers and delivers impeccable comfort and support. You may find it costly than other mattresses offered by Lull, but it is still cheaper than Cal king hybrid mattresses from other brands. In addition, the mattress has carrying handles that make it easier to lift the mattress.




How long does a Lull mattress last?

A Lull mattress can last for 5-8 years.

Can I flip my Lull mattress?

Lull mattresses are not double-sided mattresses, and they must not be flipped. You should only flip mattresses that are marketed as double-sided mattresses.

What is the height of a Lull mattress?

The original variant is 10-inches high, and the hybrid variant is 13-inches high.

Do Lull mattresses sink?

We haven’t seen any sinking reports from Lull mattress customers up till now.