Does Your Lull Memory Foam Mattress Need A Box Spring? Everything You Need To Know

Setting up the perfect bed is not an easy task. It involves selecting the correct bed frame and mattress, both of which need to be perfectly suited. Unfortunately, not many people know the type of bed base they need for a particular mattress or what kind of mattress goes best with a particular base.

You would be surprised to know that there are around 75 different types of beds used worldwide. In addition, there are hundreds of brands selling more than 8 types of mattresses. It boggles the mind just by thinking how many frame and mattress combinations exist. Too many for you to waste your time sifting through them all. 

Thankfully, we know bed frames and mattresses and which ones make the best combination. Many people ask us whether a Lull memory foam mattress needs a box spring. The general answer is you don’t need a box spring with the Lull Platform bed base and a Lull memory foam mattress.

This article will explain everything you need to know about different bed frames and how they work. When do you need one, and why is it necessary or unnecessary for the mattress?

Box Spring, Bed Frame, Foundation: Everything You Need To Know

We will begin our discussion by educating you about the box spring, bed frame, and foundation. This article will also briefly introduce the Lull brand to our readers, as getting to know your brand is essential before making a purchase decision. We will then review the best bed frames, foundation, and box spring.

Let’s revamp your bedding!

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a bed frame that is made out of wood and spring coils. It provides a solid foundation for most mattresses. The wooden frame matches the size and shape of your mattress, and the coils in the center absorb shock.

You may feel that a box spring is outdated in modern bedding solutions, but it is still relevant in some cases, and many people use it. However, you may use any support system for your mattress, for example, platform bed, foundation, or floor.

Reasons for Using a Box Spring

A box spring may seem irrelevant today, but it provides some benefits over other types of bed frames:

  • Air Flow. Box springs improve airflow and help keep you cool at night. Box springs are relatively hollow, allowing more air to flow around the mattress. When combined with a high-quality mattress with cooling features, you enjoy a night of better sleep.
  • Height. The Box spring adds height to your bedding. Although the current trend is to lower your bedding, many people want higher beds for various reasons. If you are tall, suffer from back and joint pains, have trouble getting in and out of your bed, then a box spring can do wonders for you.
  • Support. Most coil mattresses warranties require you to use a box spring with your mattress because it supports your mattresses and prevents sagging. Make sure you check out the usage and warranty policies before buying a mattress.
  • Shock Absorption. Box springs have coils that are great for absorbing the shock and force of movement when shifting in your sleep, which increases the lifespan of your mattress. 

When You don’t Need a Box Spring?

You don’t need a box spring all the time. Most bed frames on the market today are designed to go without a box spring as they provide the necessary support for your mattress. First, however, you must know what type of mattresses and bed frames don’t require a box spring.

  • With Memory Foam, Latex, and Hybrid Mattresses. A mattress without coils, specifically memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattress, doesn’t need a box spring. They are designed with materials that are already shock absorbent. Hence, there is no point in investing in a box spring and increasing your bedding cost.
  • With Platform Beds. Platform beds have a solid surface made out of wood or metal for the mattress to sit on. Unless you need a taller bed or face trouble getting in and out from shorter beds, you can use a box spring with a platform bed.
  • On Floor. You don’t need a box spring if your mattress sits on the floor. However, you can use a box spring to increase the mattress height to make it easier to get in and out of bed.  

What is a Bed Frame?

A bed frame is a popular option used to support your mattress and/or the box spring. Bed frames are also referred to as a bedstead; this is a traditional bed frame that includes a header, footer, legs, and side rails. The modern bed frames come with a minimalist design and sleek appearance to give your bedrooms a unique and smart look.

Bed frames have been around since the early 1800s. Mattresses at that time were a luxury. Most people slept on cloth cases stuffed with straw, wool, cotton, or feathers. Often, these cloth cases were uneven, lumpy, and uncomfortable. Creative thinking and an increasing need for restful sleep led craftsmen to develop the bed frame. Little did they know that their invention would change the way humanity would sleep one day.

Bed Frame Materials

Technological innovations and modernized manufacturing processes have changed the way we sleep. For example, bed frames are now designed to maximize support, comfort, and aesthetics.

Bed frames are available in wood, metal, and a combination of fabric and leather. Let’s read more about these materials:

  • Wood: Wood has been in vogue since the first bed frame was invented. Now manufacturers use solid and hardwood to add durability to bed frames and paint them in various colors to go with the aesthetics of your room. However, bed frames with solid wood are costly compared to the ones made with wood sheets or cheap wood.
  • Metal: Metal makes bed frames durable, sturdy, and give a sleek look. Metal frames are best for heavy mattresses and box springs.
  • Fabric and Leather: Upholstered bed frames provide a more decorative and luxurious feel to your bedrooms. Upholstered bed frames are fabric bed frames that use leather and soft coverings to cover the base. Most upholstered beds have a metal or wooden base which is covered with fabric.

Bed Frame Height

Bed frames come in three different heights. You need to consider your mattress height, box spring (if using one), and ease of getting in and out of your bed.

  • Standard Profile: The standard profile is 13-15 inches high. It is the best height for getting in and out of your bed and provides enough clearance to store items underneath.  
  • High Profile: These are 15-inches or above. They are best for people who need a taller bed and require more storage space underneath.
  • Low Profile: It sits close to the ground and is measured 13 inches or less. A low-profile bed frame is ideal for smaller rooms and gives a sleek look. It doesn’t offer much storage space, though.

Purpose of Using a Bed Frame

A bed frame provides several benefits. Let’s check them out

  • Support: A bed frame helps dissipate your body weight evenly on the mattress. It helps prevent sagging. Sagging can misalign your spine during your sleep and lead to body aches. Bed frames keep mattresses aligned correctly in their place and thus increase their lifespan.   
  • Aesthetics: What will your room look like without a bed frame? Imagine a mattress sitting in a corner without any bed frame. Yes. You can still sleep on it, but imagine how difficult it will be to get in and out of it and clean your room.     
  • Storage Space: While a bed takes up a lot of space in your room, bed frames counteract it by providing some space underneath. You store boxes, suitcases, and many smaller items under the bed. Some bed frames come with built-in drawers that make the storage space more user-friendly.

What is a Foundation?

A foundation is a mattress box made of wood with wooden slats across the surface. The wooden box is covered with breathable fabric to enhance airflow. Compared to a box spring, foundations are designed for more support. In addition, it makes the mattress feel a bit firmer.

A foundation is made with spaces between the slats. The spaces determine the level of support you get from the foundation. The usual spacing is 2-2.75 inches.

Foundations go well with most mattress types and provide a stable surface for heavyweight mattresses such as latex, memory foam, or hybrid. However, it is not recommended for an innerspring mattress. Innerspring mattresses work best with box springs.

Difference Between a Box Spring and Foundation

  • Foundations provide firmer support compared to a box spring. Box springs provide support and add bounce to your bedding as well. Box springs come with springs that are prone to wear and tear over time, whereas the foundation has slats that last longer than springs.
  • The box spring is best if you are looking for a lighter structure. However, the foundation is difficult to transport and move around since it is heavy. As a result, you may need to disassemble it before moving it. Box springs are best for innerspring mattresses or for increasing the height of your bed, while the foundation works best with memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. In addition, foundations are more costly compared to box springs.

So, does your Lull Memory foam mattress need a box spring? The answer is, you don’t need it as a requirement, but you are free to use it if you want to increase the height of your bed and add bounce to your mattress. Note, however, a box spring is needed with an innerspring mattress.

Briefly About Lull Mattress Brand

Lull Ventures, LLC was founded in April 2015, and its first mattress hit the market in November 2015. The brand is not very popular as of now, but it is gaining popularity day by day. Lull is best known for providing quality bedding solutions at an affordable rate. Lull currently sells Original Lull Mattress, Luxe Hybrid Mattress, pillows (original, memory foam, down), bedding (mattress protector, sheets, original Lull duvet, down duvet), and bed frames (wood, metal, mattress foundation).

Lull’s brand story is an interesting one. Its CEO, Sven Klein, went mattress shopping with his wife. He wasn’t pleased with how the trip went. The stores and salespeople were too pushy in making them buy a mattress. Each store has different prices with hundreds of products to offer. The market dynamics made it difficult for them to compare the mattresses.

He came back empty-handed but with the idea that, according to him, would change the way people bought a mattress. He planned to start a mattress company. Lull was then invented, and it joined a vast array of mattress startups selling online mattresses on a direct-to-customer business model.

Lull Mattress Brand

Review of the 5 Different Types of Mattress Support

1. ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation

Zinus smart base is marketed as a one-and-done bedding solution. It relieves the users from buying a bed frame and spring box for using on memory foam mattresses. The base is ideal for memory foam, latex, and spring mattresses.        

The queen size measures 60W x 80L x 14H inches. Make sure you check your room and mattress dimensions before buying this mattress. It weighs only 34.2 pounds, making it easy to move around in your house and assemble it. The weight capacity for narrow twin, twin, and twin XL is 750 pounds top, and for all other models, it is 1500 pounds. 

The unit is easy to assemble and comes with clear and easy-to-understand assembly instructions. Everything needed to assemble the frame is included in the package. In addition, you get plastic leg base covers to protect your flooring. It has multiple leg support for stability and a squeak-free sleep. The bed will never make any noise, even if you jump on it.   

The bed frame falls in a tall profile. The 14-inch high frame maximizes storage space underneath and gives ample space for storing boxes, suitcases, and small items. The metal slats are 10.66 inches apart for queen-size frames and 9.4 inches apart for smaller sizes. The spacing may look a bit big but don’t worry; the high-quality metal used won’t let you down. Your mattress will stay as good as new even after years of use.      

The unit has a 5-year worry-free warranty. Please note that the mattress is not included in the purchase. In addition, you have two color choices, black and white.


2. Lull Platform Bed Frame

Not everyone likes a metal bed frame. However, if you prefer a wooden bed frame made with solid pine wood, then your search is over. The Lull platform bed base is best for people who want the aesthetic value of wood at an affordable rate.

The Lull platform bed base comes in California king, twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king size. You don’t need a box spring to go with the Lull mattress if you have Lull’s wooden bed frame. The twin measures 41 x 76.5 x 13.5, twin XL 41 x 81.5 x 13.5, full 55.7 x 76.8 x 14, queen 60.6 x 81.7 x 14, king 77.7 x 81.7 x 14, Cal king 73.7 x 85.7 x 14 inches.

The bed frame is easy-to-assemble and takes just under 10 minutes by following 5 easy steps fully. Setting up a wooden bed frame was never this easy before. The tools needed for setting it up are an Allen wrench (included) and a Phillips head screwdriver (not included).

The height of the bed frame is 7 inches. Please keep in mind that it is a short unit and doesn’t offer much storage space underneath, and is not ideal for people looking for a taller bed frame. Also, if you suffer from joint pain or face trouble getting in and out of your bed, then this frame is not for you.

The slated design absorbs body movement and enhances airflow. It helps keep your mattress cool and enhances mattress life. The open slats also help control the buildup of dirt and moisture underneath. Lull’s platform bed frame design works with a memory foam mattress and aids in keeping your back aligned, resulting in comfortable and peaceful sleep.             

Lull also provides a 1-year warranty and a 100-night free trial. You also get free shipping and free returns during the 100-night trial period. Please note that you must not clean the bed frame with a wet cloth and avoid getting it wet for durability.


3. ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

If you are looking for a luxury, comfortable and unique bedding experience, Zinus Shalini upholstered bed frame is your ticket to unparalleled bedding. The upholstered bed frame will help you completely transform your room and, more importantly, the way you sleep.

By looking at this bed frame, you know that you have located a heavenly piece of furniture. The sophisticated stitching, button tufting, neutral-toned fabric, and high-quality materials will keep you and everyone who looks at this bed frame in awe. 

The upholstered bed frame is made of high-quality solid wood that eliminates the need to use a box spring with your mattress. The mattress is available in full (75.5 x 54 x 14), queen (80.5 x 60 x 14) king (80.5 x 76 x 14), and twin (79.5 x 41.5 x 14). All sizes are in inches. The twin size supports up to 350 pounds, and all other sizes have a maximum weight limit of 700 pounds. The weight limit is less than Zinus Smart Base metallic bed frame but is in line with other upholstered bed frames.  

The slats are 2.7 inches apart for twin and full sizes. For other sizes, the slats are 3.4 inches apart. The slat distance has been designed with the weight limit and the size of the bed in mind. Big frames have to bear more weight and therefore need more spacing.

The assembly is easy and takes two people approximately one hour. Everything you need to set it up is included in the package. In addition, you get tools and instructions packed in the zippered compartment of the headboard. The headboard for full and queen sizes measures 40.7 by 63.4 inches.

The bed frame is 14 inches high, making it ideal for people looking for a taller bed frame. Moreover, a high profile also allows you to utilize maximum floor space. The bed comes with a 100-night free trial (free returns during this period) and a 5-year warranty.


4. Lull – Mattress Foundation

The Lull mattress foundation is for all those people who don’t like a box spring. Moreover, you don’t need a box spring with a Lull memory foam mattress. A box spring is only required with an innerspring mattress.

The Lull mattress foundation is designed to absorb shocks and movement, reduce wear and tear, and create a flat and firm base for your mattress. In addition, the mattress foundation is easy to assemble and comes with optional legs to transform your foundation into a bed. This feature makes your foundation versatile and budget-friendly. 

The foundation is easy to assemble, and you don’t need any tools or an additional pair of hands. All you need is 5-10 minutes, and the easy instructions will guide you through the assembly process. It is made from solid Southern Yellow Pine and wrapped in luxurious polyester-tweed fabric. The fabric and the slated design ensure you get maximum support and airflow while sleeping on the mattress.   

It comes in twin (37.5 x 74 x 7.5), twin XL (37.5 x 79 x 7.5), full (52.5 x 74 x 7.5), queen (59.5 x 79 x 7.5), king (75.5 x 79 x 7.5), and California king (71.5 x 83 x 7.5). All sizes are measured in inches. However, you must check your mattress dimensions if you are not using a Lull mattress.

The foundation has a 3-year warranty cover and free returns during the 100-night trial period.


5. ZINUS 9 Inch Metal Smart Box Spring

Traditional box springs were made with wood and coils. However, technological innovations in the manufacturing processes have enabled us to develop box springs with metallic frames. Zinus metal box spring is a marvel and is marketed as the last box spring you will ever need for your innerspring mattress. Please note that you don’t need a box spring with memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses.

A box spring is usually placed on top of a bed frame and is used to increase the height of your bed, making it comfortable for people with joint pains. Buying an additional box spring will also increase your spending on bedding. Some people also use a box spring on the floor.

The box spring comes in twin (74 x 38 x 9), twin XL (79 x 38 x 9), full (74 x 53 x 9), queen (79 x 59.5 x 9), king (79 x 75.5 x 9) and Cal King (83 x 71.5 x 9). All sizes are measured in inches. The twin, twin XL and full size can support up to 350 lbs, and the maximum weight limit for other sizes is 700 lbs. A 9-inch height makes it the best fit for shorter mattresses. The slat spacing is 6.3 inches for twin and full sizes. For twin XL, queen, and king sizes, the spacing is 6.7 inches, and for California king, it is 7.2 inches.   

The steel frames are covered with non-woven Jacquard fabric for maximum breathability. This box spring is like the backbone of your innerspring mattress. It avoids sagging and keeps your mattress in its original shape even after years of use. In addition, the box spring is easy to assemble, and you don’t need any tools to get the work done.

The spring box comes with a 100-night trial with free shipping and returns and a 5-year limited warranty.  



Are box springs bad for mattresses?

No. Box springs are not bad for mattresses. They give more support and give to your mattress, but you don’t need a box spring for your latex, memory, and hybrid mattress. A box spring is best for an inner coil mattress.

Can you sleep on the Lull mattress right away?

Lull mattresses come packed in a box and need 3-4 days for expansion. Once the mattress expands to its specified height, you can sleep on it.

Can you put a mattress directly on slats?

Yes. You can put a mattress directly on salts. Bed frames use slats as the support system for mattresses.

Do you have to use a box spring with a Lull mattress?

No. You don’t need specifically need a box spring for a Lull mattress. However, there is no harm in keeping one under your mattress if you are looking to increase the height of your bed.

What can I use instead of a box spring?

You can use a bed frame or foundation instead of a box spring. Again, you have the choice to pick from a large variety with different heights as per your liking.