The Ultimate Nectar Mattress Review (Our 3 Best Picks)

There’s nothing like an uncomfortable mattress to take away your precious hours of sleep. As you lie supine in bed, eyes devoid of slumber from an aching back, all you can think of is the frustrating ordeal of having to navigate the enormous mattress industry only to land on one that’ll never come close to satisfying the sleeper in you.

We have a solution for your long sleepless nights.

First off, it’s safe to say that today, when one describes a comfortable mattress, they’re most likely referring to one with memory foam. As its name suggests, over time, this layer of foam begins to remember the contours of your body, enhancing sleep quality while providing excellent pressure relief and spinal alignment. Of all the memory foam bed-in-a-box contenders out there, Nectar emerges victorious. 

Founded in 2016, Nectar prides itself in providing its customers premium foam mattresses at an affordable price since good quality sleep is non-negotiable. Moreover, they are the first company to have created a ripple of excitement among customers with their forever warranty and a whopping 365-day trial on Nectar memory foam mattresses.

With our compiled Nectar Mattress buying guide, you’ll be clocking in a good night’s sleep in no time!

Mattress Buying Guide

We’ve put together a buying guide that takes the guesswork out of purchasing a mattress. Before we head into the nitty-gritty of our top 3 picks, here’s a rundown of specific factors to keep in mind to be better prepared when making the best mattress purchase.

What Type Of Sleeper Are You? 

Sleeping position

We all tend to settle into our favorite, sometimes unimaginable, positions at night that a third person could very well mistake us for stunt performers. Jokes apart, it’s important to note that different sleeping positions require different kinds of support. 

Identifying the kind of sleeper you are (side, stomach, back, and combination sleeper) is the first step in selecting a comfortable mattress with adequate support. Usually, stomach, back, and combination sleepers opt for firmer mattresses, while softer mattresses are ideal for side sleepers.

We reviewed the 5 best mattresses for side sleepers. Check out our results.


A heavier sleeper would most likely prefer a firm mattress with less conforming to prevent sinkage. While, on the other hand, light sleepers would choose a softer mattress.

For example, a light side sleeper often goes for a latex or foam mattress, while a heavier stomach sleeper would find an innerspring or hybrid variety to be more suitable. 

Temperature Regulation

Softer mattresses that easily conform to your body shape tend to trap body heat due to their snuggling effect. On the other hand, firmer options are better for allowing air circulation, and you can sleep considerably cooler with an innerspring or hybrid mattress type. 

Of course, there is no rigid-one-size-fits-all guidance because what matters, in the end, is whether you’re getting optimal quality sleep.

Mattress Specifications to Consider


The bulk of mattresses out in the market comprise five common material types—innerspring, foam, latex, hybrid, and airbed.

Innerspring mattresses have been around since the 19th century and provide an even, comfortable surface. They are made of steel coils that support a layer of polyfoam. 

The memory foam mattress is known for its characteristic quality of conforming close to the body to relieve pressure and other chronic pain. Motion isolation is another excellent quality of memory foam, so you can sleep undisturbed if your partner tosses and turns. 

Much like memory foam, the latex comfort layer provides adequate support to the core, but unlike memory foam, you sleep much cooler. 

Hybrid combines the finest of features of different mattress types to bring about a balanced sleep experience. For example, a hybrid can integrate pressure-relieving latex foam with a longer lifespan of innerspring coils to get the best of both mattresses ’ worlds.

Lastly, we have airbeds made of air chambers, and you can inflate and deflate these to suit your needs. Airbeds are often a preference of sleepers who have fluctuating choices when it comes to firmness. 


Generally, you can find mattresses in six standard sizes— Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. Mattress size and dimensions go as follows:


Sleep position and sleeper weight (as mentioned above) are directly linked to the firmness of a mattress. Side sleepers typically purchase soft mattresses for added support, while back and stomach sleepers find firm mattresses most comfortable. 

Light-weight individuals generally go for softer mattresses due to their pressure-relieving ‘hug’ experience; heavier individuals often opt for firmer mattresses to avoid sinkage.

Comfort Layers

The top layer of upholstery that is crucial in bringing to life the optimum feel of a mattress is known as the comfort layer. This layer can be soft, medium, or firm. As a general rule, the more the upholstery, the more you’ll find yourself at ease while you nap.

9 Performance factors for Mattresses


Durability translates to the period a mattress will continue to perform without excessive deterioration. On average, a mattress will perform for about 7-8 years, after which the user must replace it. 

Motion Isolation 

Motion isolation is a true blessing for people who know the struggle of waking up in the middle of the night because of a slight movement from their partner’s end of the bed. Shifting positions can be the ultimate sleep disruptor, especially for light sleepers. 

But adaptive comfort layers isolate the motion transfer, preventing it from being felt across the entire mattress. 

Pressure Relief

The more the mattress conforms closely to the body, the greater the pressure relief for the sleeper. Close conformity keeps pressure points from developing by maintaining a balanced alignment of the spine. Mattresses with thicker comfort layers are typically known to provide the best conforming. 


We simply could not, in good conscience, let this factor go unacknowledged. A great mattress can take one’s sex life to a whole different level. Ideally, a bouncier and responsive mattress is a top choice that facilitates sex. Trust us, you don’t want to experience a situation where you’re sinking into the layers and “fighting the mattress.”

Temperature Neutrality 

Some mattresses absorb body heat and trap it, significantly reducing air circulation for hours, and perhaps even disrupting sleep. It’s crucial to select a mattress that allows easy breathability. 


It is not uncommon for mattresses to emit harmless off-gassing particles when they first arrive. Usually, foam and latex models carry an off-putting odor the first few days, but the scent will not persist for too long if kept in a well-ventilated room.

Edge support

Believe it or not, you might be spending a lot of time sitting on the edge of your bed, and that’s why your mattress must be equipped with good edge support. Apart from reducing dips around the perimeter of the bed, a mattress with stable edge support also eliminates the risk of you rolling off the bed at night. 


With even the slightest movement, some mattresses make squeaky noises that can negatively impact your partner’s sleep. The last thing you want is to wake up from a sweet dream because of a noisy bed.


You know you’ve got yourself a standout mattress when one fine morning you don’t wake up with those unbidden aches and pains. The perfect model aligns the spine and pelvis without excessively sinking underneath heavier body parts.

Mattress Shopping Tips

Necessary certifications

In the hunt for pricing and comfort, we often tend to ignore harmful chemicals that leak out of some kinds of synthetic foams. Sleeping on such a mattress will do you no good and could be detrimental to not only your but your entire family’s health. 

There are three important certifications cleared by government agencies that indicate high-quality and healthy mattresses—Certi-PUR, Oeko-Tex, and Greenguard.

Nectar gel memory foam mattresses are both OEKO-TEX and Certi-PUR US certified. This means harmful chemicals (formaldehyde, azo colorants, cadmium, and nickel) have not been utilized in any stages of production. Nectar mattresses are free of ozone-depleting chemicals, and heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, are entirely out of the picture in the manufacturing process. 

Check sleep trials and return policies

Generally, it takes about 30 to 90 nights for a mattress to break in and adjust to your body fully. On average, brands offer a 90-night trial window within which mattress owners can put their models to the test. If they are dissatisfied with the product, it can be returned for a full refund. 

Customers can make the return request for an opened Nectar mattress before its 365-night trial ends (3 times longer than the industry standard). For you to successfully return the product, it doesn’t have to be in mint condition, but in good enough shape that it can be donated (normal wear and tear). After 90 days of delivery, unopened Nectar mattresses will fall under ‘misused’ and be voided for returns.

Check the warranty

Warranty timelines for mattresses usually fall somewhere between 10 to 20 years, and they provide peace of mind in case your product turns out faulty. Therefore, if your mattress happens to have a defect, the manufacturing company must cover you. But, here’s the catch—not all warranties are equal.

As for Nectar memory foam mattresses, the warranty period goes up to a year, and it covers the following defects:

  • A noticeable sag greater than 1.5 inches
  • Deterioration of foam and any other visible physical flaw
  • Manufacturing defects

If the company accepts the warranty, it will replace your old mattress with a new Nectar mattress for the first ten years. Once the 10-year span has lapsed, Nectar will either completely repair or replace the mattress. 

Check shipping and delivery

Mattress brands within the contiguous U.S. usually offer free shipping. Customers of Nectar mattresses who do not reside in this area have to pay a delivery fee. 

Check customer reviews

Sometimes checking what other people have to say is a deciding factor whether or not a mattress will make it to your online cart, especially when it comes to the newly pioneered bed-in-a-box model. Customers are hungry for information that only other fellow mattress owners may be able to provide, such as: whether the mattress truly lives up to all the hype, whether it’s firm enough for a heavy sleeper, etc. 

You can find many reviews on Nectar’s website or other e-commerce websites that sell the memory foam mattress.

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Review of the 5 Best Nectar Mattresses

1. Nectar Sleep Mattress Full Bed

Curated with memory foam with a 6.5 medium-firm rank, this 75 x 54 x 11-inch masterpiece will go a long way in ensuring that the moments spent lying in bed are comfortable and satisfying. 

The five distinct layers of the Nectar mattress full bed give it a unique and authentic touch, making it a fan favorite among different types of sleepers. Going from top to bottom, these layers are as follows:

  • Poly-blend quilted cover: Soft and responsive top layer
  • Gel memory foam: Distributes weight evenly and allows for pressure relief
  • Adaptive hi-core memory foam: Prevents the body from sinking excessively
  • Base layer: Provides stability and additional support
  • Bottom cover: Ensures mattress doesn’t slip on the frame

Nectar has upped the mattress industry’s sleep trial and warranty ante with its 365-day trial and forever warranty. Not to mention its budget-friendly price points.

Based on a survey conducted in July 2020, 9 out of 10 back pain sufferers admitted that after bringing home the Nectar gel memory foam mattress, there was a satisfactory to a substantial reduction in their back pain.

Featuring the highest quality materials, certified adaptive foam, and a quilted cooling cover, the Nectar sleep mattress full bed certainly has a lot going for it. To top it off, the memory foam offers a green solution—it has zero ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCCP, mercury, or lead. The heat-wicking fibers integrated into the cooling covers enhance breathability while creating a lasting cooling effect throughout sleep.

A Nectar memory foam full bed can easily accommodate one person and a pet, a child with a parent, or teenagers. Recommended room size is 9ft by 9.6, and customers can place it in guest rooms, studio apartments, or dorms. 

The memory foam comfort layers offer excellent motion isolation, so if you’re sleeping next to your restless dog on a Nectar full bed mattress, its movements will no longer be the reason you wake up in the middle of the night.


NECTAR Sleep Mattress Full Bed


  • Best size for singles
  • Foam has zero ozone depleters
  • Thoughtfully created with five unique layers
  • Clear and straightforward email communication
  • Improved sleep quality


  • A couple may require a larger size
  • Customers complain of delayed shipping
  • Heavy sleepers may face extra sinkage


2. Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress – 2 Pillows Included

When you’re spending 1/3rd of your life sleeping on a mattress, why compromise on sound quality sleep? Kiss your old and worn-out mattress goodbye and bring home the Nectar twin mattress with two pillows that come free.

Ideally, twin-size mattresses are meant for children between the ages of 2 and 12, but can also be used by college-goers and other users who have small to medium-sized rooms. To accommodate a twin-sized bed, the bedroom must be at least 7 feet by 10 feet in size.

The Nectar twin mattress has pretty much the same features as the Nectar full memory foam bed, the only difference being the dimensions which are 75 x 39 x 11 inches. Naturally, this smaller size suggests it’s ideal for only one sleeper. 

It has received 75 (5-star) global ratings and 36 (5-star) reviews on Amazon. The happy customers have emphasized how they’re able to wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep, a drastic reduction in aches, and how the firmness of the mattress is just perfect (not too firm, not too soft).

Just when you think it can’t possibly get any better than this, you find out Nectar mattresses also offer a guarantee on bed bug replacement. It’s reassuring to know that whatever stands in the way of you and the world of sleep is quickly taken care of by a thoughtful mattress manufacturing company.


Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • Best for 2-12 years olds
  • Get two pillows free of charge


  • Can accommodate only one sleeper
  • Heavy sleepers may face extra sinkage


3. Nectar Queen Mattress – Gel Memory Foam

One of the most impressive aspects about the Nectar mattresses is their price points. If you’re on a budget and have a medium-sized room that can accommodate a queen bed, the Nectar Queen mattress is the most popular pick for you and your partner (or your beloved pet). 

The recommended room size must be around 10ft by 10ft to get enough floor space. The Nectar Queen bed is large enough for even a tall person to sprawl out. 

Priced at just $799, the Nectar Queen mattress is easy to set up (though you may need an extra hand to haul this bad boy up the staircase due to the extra pounds). Once set on a firm base, allow the mattress to air out for a couple of days in a well-ventilated room before putting the bedsheet on. 

Like the twin and full mattresses, the Queen model too is made up of memory foam and is in line with the company’s vision to make the most comfortable mattresses in the market so that nobody misses out on a soothing sleep experience. The only difference comes in with the dimensions of the queen mattress, which are 80 x 60 x 12 inches, and heavier weight of 71 pounds. 

The queen mattress appears to be the most popular among all three mattresses on Amazon as it has 644 (5-star) global ratings and 111 (5-star) global reviews. 72% of satisfied customers have given it a thumping great 4.4 out of 5-star rating.


Nectar Queen Mattress – Gel Memory Foam


  • Most purchased Nectar mattress
  • Budget-friendly mattress for two
  • Easy to set up
  • Allows for more floor space in the bedroom
  • Can be used by tall individuals
  • Zero motion transfer


  • Not suited for those who sleep hot
  • Off-gassing leads to a foul odor
  • Heavy sleepers may face extra sinkage
  • It can be heavy to carry once delivered


Final Nectar Review Verdict

The Nectar mattress may not be the best choice for combination sleepers and other sleepers who dislike the sleeping “in” over “on” a mattress experience. In other words, not everybody prefers the cradling effect of memory foam. Plus, if you’re a heavy side or back sleeper, you may find that a memory foam mattress may not give you the necessary support due to the extra sinking “taco” effect. 

All in all, people best suited to using the Nectar memory foam mattress are light- and medium-weight (side and back) sleepers who are looking for a balance between optimal comfort, firm support, motion isolation, and cooling. Not to mention, sleepers who want to get the best bang for the buck.


Are Nectar mattresses legit?

A part of the Resident House of Brands, Nectar is recognized as the fastest-growing e-commerce retailer by Internet Retailers. Its mattresses’ highly innovative structure of memory foam in a bed-in-a-box model is designed for every kind of sleeper.

How long do Nectar mattresses last?

Since the memory foam used in the construction of the Nectar mattress is above average, the expected lifespan of the gel memory foam mattress is up to 6 to 8 years.

How long does it take for a Nectar mattress to expand?

When delivered, the Nectar mattress is compressed in a box. Naturally, the mattress will require about 24 hours to expand into its actual size on opening completely, and you’re recommended to wait till the mattress reaches its full 12-inch thickness.

Do Nectar mattresses give off an odor on unboxing?

Customers have pointed out the presence of a slight odor, but it dissipates quickly if the mattress is placed in a room with good air circulation. The CertiPUR-US certification ensures that no harmful chemicals or low volatile organic compounds are emitted.

Do Nectar mattresses sag?

The manufacturing company guarantees that if the bodyweight creates indentations that are more than 1.5 inches, they will replace the Nectar mattress free of charge.

Can I flip my Nectar mattress?

No, the five layers of the mattress are carefully integrated so that customers can only use the Nectar mattress on one side.

Can I clean my Nectar mattress?

After unzipping the cover and removing it, make sure to hand wash the mattress rather than throwing it in the washing machine.

Do I need a box spring with the Nectar?

Not necessarily, the Nectar mattress can be placed perfectly well on any bed frame from box springs to platforms as long as it doesn’t damage it.

What’s the downside of the Nectar mattress?

Nectar is a dense memory foam mattress that offers little to no hip support for heavy sleepers. This can throw the spine out of alignment. Also, it may become difficult to change positions and get out of bed due to excessive sinkage.